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What is Conductive Education?

We've seen small steady changes, which is all that we really ever hoped for. We weren't expecting miracles. You don't exactly know what the kicker is that gets him motivated whether it's the Oxygen treatment or the Conductive Education or a combination of both but it's been successful for us. Once we started working with the Conductor, it was life changing for us because it got us into the right frame of mind. It answers our questions to say that we know where we want Jacob to go. How do we get Jacob there? Conductive Education is the answer to that question for us.

Jacob's a very social child and he enjoys the other kids being around him. I think it helps to motivate him. Sometimes he laughs when they cry, and sometimes he joins in with the crying but he's working hard and making steady progress and that’s what we were hoping to see. He was walking some. His head control has dramatically improved and I guess that’s the biggest thing that we've seen. The exercises we were shown to do, is only going to continue that, and we hope that will be the next big step for us.

We're very satisfied with the camp as a whole. The accommodations are very adequate. It's a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents to compare notes and to say this is what we've tried and to find out what somebody else has tried and you can't get that information anywhere else. You can't get it from the medical community and you certainly aren't going to get it if you don't get around to other families. One of the highlights of the trip is the meeting other people, making friends, or swapping e-mail addresses and be able to continue that transfer of information. It's been a wonderful trip for us. We've really enjoyed it and we've even had good weather the whole time.

Blake & Jacob

The group setting has been good on both sides because not only have we made friends with other parents and other children, but Jacob has too. It's a great motivator. We walk with Jacob down the hallway and we've had as many as four other families in the hallway saying , “Go Jacob Go! ” and cheering him on and that’s wonderful. We can't get that at home. It's the same thing with the classroom setting, because we can carry Conductive Education on in our house but you can't get a classroom setting. It's been a wonderful experience to see that. How much has this helped vs. what we're doing now. It kind of answers questions as to how we want to go in the future.

One of the things that we have come to realize is that it appears to be all over North America, but I can certainly say for the United States, that our system has evolved into a very caring, compassionate system for taking care of kids with special needs. That is not always what the kids need. In fact, on most occasions this is not what the kids need! Conductors have shown us that the kids with special needs can be treated just the same way typical kids can be treated. The difference is that it takes them a little bit longer to learn it, you have to make a different path to learn it, but they can do it! But if you coddle them and stick them in a wheelchair, then that’s what you're going to get. If you don't put them in the right position to where they can learn how to do anything from putting their socks on and off, to feeding themselves, to walking, they're not going to learn it, sitting in a wheelchair. Conductive Education has helped us get rid of the wheelchair and it’s a major goal for us and for Jacob

I wish that we had started Conductive Education when Jacob was 6 months old instead of when he was 6 years old. That was the biggest change that we found since we’d gotten involved with Conductive Education. I just wish we had started it earlier. It puts you on the right path, as far as I’m concerned. It’s a path that’s going to get you to where you want to go faster, if you want independence for your child and I think that’s what all parents of kids with special needs are looking for. Sometimes it’s tough decisions and the Conductors make the kids work but…it’s just like any kids, if you have a typical kid with homework and they come in and they’re tired, and they say, “Dad I don’t want to do my homework tonight” you’re not going to sit there and say “Come here and sit in my lap and I’ll rock you to sleep”. You say “I’m sorry, you’ve got to do your homework” and this is the same thing you’ve got to do with kids with special needs. They’ve got to do their homework. You’ve got to be their primary therapist and you've got to work them and get them doing the things they need to do, and Conductive Education shows you how to do that. We couldn't be happier getting on a track of Conductive Education. It's been the best change for us since we've had Jacob and so it's great and I would heartily advise it for anyone just wanting independence for their child.


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