For 2 years I organized bottle drives. Pulled in family, friends and also high school kids that needed to have their community hours to graduate. Set up teams and vehicles. Had maps laminated and sections marked off for each team.
Going door to door we asked for empty beer, wine and cooler bottles. If they did not have that, they were asked to make a donation to Tyler's fund.. I made 2 thousand one year and 3 the next.
I threw in a BBq at my house afterwards to thanks all of our helpers...

Also made a huge yard sale. Being a small community and having one news paper I wrote Tyler's story and sent it in asking for donations and help to his cause. I started two months ahead and people donated everything they could. We had so much stuff that it was held a second weekend. That made 4 thousand.
People still call me to donated their empties.
Tyler is a celebrity here and people love to meet him and spend time with him.

With all our hard work and dedication Lions club contacted me to hold a pancake breakfast for Tyler since we deserved it. They seen how hard we worked without asking for help and decided that they would throw one together.. that was a success..

All I can say is get your story out for recognition. You can't sit back and expect the help. Can't sit back and wait for hand outs.. Its extra work yes. But all worth the extra mile.