We went to a local Elks Lodge and asked them if we could hold a fundraiser there. I know there are lodges that will put everything together for you and completely run it, but I hate relinquishing control and prefer to do it myself. They do hold the appropiate licenses required in our state to have a gift auction, which is where I got the most money. We live in an area where our towns are small, have a Main Street, and we like to walk everywhere. So I went with Alex from town to town around here, walking their Main Streets and asking if they may be able to donate anything for a gift auction to afford his therapy. People were incredibly generous, and it is hard when they are looking at him to say no. I also had posters made up for him, as well as fliers to post for people to come to our event. If I felt intimidated asking for a donation, then I would ask them if I may put up a flier for our fundraiser for Alex. Nine times out of ten they would say yes and then ask if there was any way they could help or if they could donate something. I also asked Max's school if they could put fliers in the teacher's lounge, we went to the town library to hang them there, at the post offices, and I called the reporter from the local newspaper to do a story on Alex and promote the fundraiser for him. We had alot of success, I could not have been happier.