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To the best of our knowledge all of the people who have participated in our stroke recovery programs have made gains. Keep in mind that every brain injury is unique and the amount of progress that any one individual makes has many factors such as the severity of the injury and the participation of the client. We cannot do the work for you nor can we create instant miracles however we can help guide you to a better quality of life. With our help and effort on your part, the outlook can be very promising!

Following a stroke, the sooner we can start your rehab the easier our job is because you will have less physical issues we have to correct. We have however, still been able to help people make significant gains even 15 years after their stroke. It is not too late to start!


Conductive Education is a method of teaching and training the injured brain to communicate with the muscles and the body which was first developed in Hungary over 70 years ago. Our lead therapist or "Conductor" as they are called in Hungary has over 19 years post graduate experience. We work in small groups two hours each day (Mon. - Fri.) and our clients are guided through a series of tasks designed to help improve basic skills, which form the building blocks required to improve more complex movements such as improved balance and walking as well as improving the use and functioning of an affected arm.

Clients are shown how to actively work their muscles and assistance is given as needed. We do not use elaborate machines because most machines are designed to do the work for you passively but when muscles are not used actively they quickly begin to atrophy and weaken. It is always our goal to challenge and train you to become more independent.

All of our clients have praised our staff saying that this is more effective and unlike anything they were asked to do in traditional therapy, treatment or rehabilitation.

Many Stroke survivors have taken Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to help with their rehab and have seen gains in areas such as a reduction in spasticity, improved speech and thought processing and some have recovered their lost sense of taste. The purpose of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is to stimulate the recoverable brain to become more active, however, if the neural connections from the brain to the rest of the body have been destroyed the increased brain activity alone may not improve the physical abilities such as walking or the use of an arm and may be more successful if trained to take over and relearn some of the lost function. We have found that we were able to produce better results when we combined Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Conductive Education together.


We offer 3, 4 and 5 week sessions which vary throughout the year which include:

  • 3 weeks - 40 hrs Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy & 30 hrs Conductive Education
  • 4 weeks - 50 hrs Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy & 40 hrs Conductive Education
  • 5 weeks - 60 hrs Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy $ 50 hrs Conductive Education

Each of the above programs are similar except for the duration. Rehabilitation and recovery takes time and dedication, the more treatment time we have with each client gives us the greatest chance of achieving results. We provide free accommodations for our clients including a private room with one double bed and one single bed, a TV, telephone and internet connection. There is a common Kitchen that families share to do their own meal preparation and all of our facilities are in the same building all on one floor.

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