We offer 3, 4 and 5 week sessions which vary throughout the year which include:

  • 3 weeks - 40 hrs Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy & 30 hrs Conductive Education
  • 4 weeks - 50 hrs Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy & 40 hrs Conductive Education
  • 5 weeks - 60 hrs Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy $ 50 hrs Conductive Education

Each of the above programs are similar except for the duration. Rehabilitation and recovery takes time and dedication, the more treatment time we have with each client gives us the greatest chance of achieving results. We provide free accommodations for our clients including a private room with one double bed and one single bed, a TV, telephone and internet connection. There is a common Kitchen that families share to do their own meal preparation and all of our facilities are in the same building all on one floor.