A Stroke damages the brain and many of the pathways or neural connections to the muscles have been destroyed or damaged and many will never return. Our brain may no longer recognize our body's position in space let alone how to take control of it, however the brain has a great deal of plasticity and redundancy and it is possible to help restore some of the lost function by training other portions of the brain to take over. It is not an easy process and takes a great deal of time and dedication, however, it is possible to make improvement!

Stroke survivors are often told in traditional therapy, treatment or rehabilitation that "anything you havent gotten back in the first 90 days you might never get back!"

The stroke therapy offered at Ability Camp combines Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to help stimulate the injured brain and an intensive and focused therapeutic exercise program called Conductive Education to help repair or form new connections from the brain to the muscles. With the combination of these two therapies we have been able to help people make improvements even 15 years after their stroke occurred.

So even if you aren't getting results with other types of therapy, treatment or rehabilitation it is not too late and there is still hope using our combined Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Conductive Education programs.