We came with our three and a half year old daughter Emma from Chicago, Illinois. It is about a 12 to 14 hour drive, just under 800 miles. It was a big deal to actually get the time off of work to get the five weeks to come up here. My wife got fired because she couldn't take the time off and we basically told them we had to take this time so they just fired her. They can't fire me but I had to take five weeks with no pay. The people that come here go through a lot, to get the money and get the time to do it but it's for your kid, and the really amazing results that you get make the struggle seem less important.

I am really pleased with the results that we got here.

Before we came, the only way she could get around was with her walker or with assistance. You'd hold her hand and her balance was really poor. If anybody walked within a couple of feet of her she'd kind of freak out and fall over. She's now walking without a walker, which I'm ecstatic about.

I think the oxygen treatment has been a big help because she seems to be a lot more talkative. Instead of stringing three words together, to tell you what she wants, she'll do sentences of ten words. She's really getting a little more articulate and I was really surprised.

The biggest thing is that she's a lot more confident, her balance is better and she's walking without her walker. She has to think that you're holding her. She doesn't know that you're not holding her. She'll walk freely. We were at a restaurant last night, and she was in a booth with a padded seat. She just stood up and was clapping her hands and swinging her hands back and forth, standing up on her own for a couple of minutes, until she realized what she was doing and then she laid back, but I'm really happy with the results and I would recommend people come here with children with disabilities.