Di: Before we came to the camp our 13 year old son Jeremy didn't have much confidence, when we tried him with the walker. He didn't have the stability of steering it and we always had to hang on to his waistline. If you let go he would panic and we didn't have good success over that. He was tight. He couldn't put his arms up straight when we came here last March. Now he is in the walker by himself, in the hallway, without me hovering over him or hanging onto his shoulder .He can just go by himself and that’s a big success that I never thought that my son could do for himself. My husband thinks that HBOT helped Jeremy with his speech and lots of other things.

I really believe in this Conductive Ed and also the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and my husband and even my in-laws have seen a big change in Jeremy. We were here a year ago, when we went home and came back again for the Summer, we left Ability Camp not with a wheelchair but with a walker and that right there is amazing, a big wonder I never thought would happen! Three sessions and my son walked out of here with a walker and that was Sept. 1st and on Sept. 8th the school started, he went in with a walker and up until now he's in a walker, no more wheelchair.

Jean enters conversation: I've been here 3 times, and every time the people you meet are wonderful, and it's very comfortable. You don't feel like you're out of place at all. You walk in here and it's like home. Your children feel the same way and it's just comfortable.

You don't have to feel like your going to be away from home and you're going to be stuck some place like an institution or a hospital, which a lot of people have probably been in. Being isolated in a room and you're not going to have communication or anything. It's not like that here.

The first time I came for 3 weeks for just the oxygen. When I went home the first day back, I had a call from the head of Special Ed from the school, his Therapist and the School nurse, because they could not believe the changes in him. Because they were so great, I turned around 3 weeks later and came back for 3 more weeks, and again we saw amazing changes. So I've been here 3 times in 6 ½ months.

This time I put him in the Conductive Education, which was hard because he was older, but again, it was something to start with and work forward. He couldn't bend his legs out straight. He's now got his legs straight out on the floor. My husband couldn't believe the change he saw in him in the 3 weeks that he went home for and came back. So yes I see big changes in him. Stephen currently gets 1 ½ hrs. a week of physical and 1 ½ hrs. of occupational, but that, obviously was no where near enough. I think you need to do five weeks of intense therapy, everyday to start out after that and go back and teach your therapist to continue it. That I can see him progressing, more then he ever would have done before.

Jeremy & Stephen

His therapists just went along with the simplest things that they could do with him, and without pushing him, and never even looking at him and saying he has this potential. They wouldn't even look that far. They did what they had to do just to keep him as loose as he could get him and beyond that, that's as far as they would go.

I have recommended it and I would continue to recommend it. If I had of known about this, my son's 13, and if I had of know about it 5 years ago, he probably wouldn't have had 2 hip surgery's that he's had, and I would have giving anything to prevent his suffering. But now I'll do the best that I can so that I can prevent him every having to go through anything like that again.

CE and HBOT together are amazing but if someone was scared or didn't want to try the two together to begin with, if they try either one on it's own, they're going to see proof that it works.

Di: Oh yes, I did. When I started here, the first time I only did Conductive, and I saw a big improvement. Then 2 months later, when we came back, we did Conductive and Hyperbaric. In the third week of hyperbaric's Jeremy started clapping open handed inside the chamber He never, never did that before, he was always closed fisted.

Tuesday I was crying! To see my son walking using the quad canes! I tried to hold my tears back because I have cried a lot in so many years since Jeremy's been like this, but Tuesday I couldn't hold back. Jeremy knew I was there watching and I thought he would just freeze up and not do it but actually, he demonstrated it quite well! I could see that my son is going to walk out from this place with a quad cane and I know it will happen. This camp will make a difference in Jeremy's life forever!