This is our second visit to Ability Camp. The first time was in September for the Oxygen treatment. We came back a few months later to do Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment and Conductive Education because the first time I was here, I got to meet the group of kids in Conductive Ed and when I saw the results they got, I said I have to do that for my child.

Katerina used a wheelchair before, she had a walker but she would only go straight and had no idea how to maneuver it to be functional. Now she is walking by herself, (independently without the walker) which she wasn't doing before we came! She’s more attentive. Her attention is better .She recognizes the songs that they sing in class. So it’s definitely been a positive experience. I just never thought I would see it.

Well you know, five years go by, and you just kind of think, well this is what she’s going to be. Therapies we’ve done and stuff, really have made small changes. So you kind of get used to, “This is going to be my kid in a wheelchair and that’s it. So now that she’s walking, it’s shocking! I think I’ll have to absorb the fact that’s she’s doing it and go home and cry about it. I know telling people at home that she’s walking, they say, oh, ok, because they don’t see it and because I’m crying on the phone…”She’s walking!” but I think when I go home it just has to kind of set in.

I’m handing the introductory package to Katerina’s pediatrician because he has a few families who are interested and he will pass it on. Hopefully some of them will come. We are coming back in September. I would definitely tell them to go, because of the accomplishments we got. I can’t promise everyone will get the same thing out of it, but definitely we tell everyone to try it.