We're from Virginia. This is our first time at Ability Camp. Christopher was a full term child. He had a stroke when he was in uterus and had his first seizure at 8 days. We've been here for 3 weeks. In that time Christopher’s speech has improved, he's able to put more sentences together, like two words “Momma go!” where he couldn't do that before. He's using his right hand a lot better. He's interacting better. It's just a wonderful program here and it works. Christopher put a ball in his hand for the first time and closed it without even thinking about it, he just did it, and I cried!

Donald:We're really happy. I do believe the Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment has actually helped him. His balance seems to have improved. I think he's much more aware of his arm then he was before.

Penny:His verbalization is so much better and he's more alert of his surroundings. Like Donnie said, before he didn't know his arm was there. He never used it, he didn't care, it was dead. Now he knows it's there and he's using it.

Donald: Christopher now can grasp his toy sword with two hands and moves both of his hands together. Before, he would take it with one hand, but now uses two, something he hasn't done before.

Penny: Also before if he tried to walk up a hill he would fall. Now he can walk up or down a hill without falling and he does it without even thinking. He just goes down and comes back up. His balance is better. He's able to catch himself before he falls where as before he wouldn't do that, he would just fall.

And next year hopefully, we'll be back for the Conductive Education and the Hyperbaric treatment. To other parents 100 %, come! Don't let money be an issue. Find a way. Don't let money stop you. It's not a miracle but every little bit helps. This little bit has helped us. I think it's made us happier than it's made him.

While you are here you're not different. Before this Christopher never wore shorts. This is the first time he has worn shorts away from home because I don't like people looking at his legs and his braces and I would never put him in shorts. I'd change him and put him in blue jeans and you couldn't tell. Where here, I'm like, “You know, I'm going to put shorts on you cause you're the same.” You don't have to prove yourself here.

There are other children that are worse off than yours and there are other children that are better off then your child. We don't compare our children. When a child does something, walks with a cane for the first time here, everybody feels that happiness, not just the parent. When Christopher says a word, or says good morning to somebody, everybody feels that ...“Alright!” Everyone encourages you to go the next step.