Jeff and Iris Ameen brought their 8 yr old daughter Lara to the August class from California. Both are Chiropractors and had a clinical as well as personal interest in Conductive Education. They are very involved parents and had tried many alternate methods of trying to help Lara such as Botox injections, Electrical Stimulation, Myo Cranial Massage as well as additional private Physiotherapy.

Before Lara came to Ability Camp she attended school in a wheelchair even though she was able to use a walker comfortably and had tried quad canes. During her stay here the wheelchair and the walker were taken back to California and Lara began to use her canes full time.

Jeff and Iris took turns staying with Lara for the five weeks allowing them to miss as little work as possible. During the fourth week both parents were here at the same time and on the Friday they sat in to view the program. "Everything they do makes so much sense from a chiropractic point of view, I don't understand why we (traditional medical community) haven't done these things I guess we just never thought of it before."

While Lara stayed at the camp under the supervision of another parent Iris returned Jeff to the Airport in Toronto about a 3 hr drive. Upon returning she said, "We both cried like babies the whole drive to the airport, when we sat in the program and saw our daughter taking independent steps with only light fingertip cuing, we knew then, that it will happen, I don't know when, but she will walk!"

Jeff and Iris were concerned that they may not get cooperation from her school when they returned home. However the school was very excited about Lara's progress, she no longer takes her wheelchair and another student has been assigned to be Lara's assistant. To allow her to use her canes the teachers let her out of class five minutes early to give her extra time to use her canes to navigate the hallways without a lot of other traffic.